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Guys, I’m going to make this one brief. I’m up against deadlines and I have to be at work soon, so here goes:

I’ve been working with Scouts For Equality for around 9 months in their fight to abolish the BSA’s tired and insulting practices. I continue to be disgusted by the bigotry and hatred of the Boy Scouts of America and their supporters in new ways every day. Scouting should be an inclusive activity so when I read this letter from “On My Honor” in the Scouts For Equality (S4E) newsletter I was compelled to do something.

I’ve already been selling these patches and donating proceeds from each patch to S4E, so I’ve now reduced the price of the patches to £6 and I am doubling the donations from each patch to £2 for the month of May, at least! I felt like I needed to help in some small way and time and money are not on my side right now insofar as starting a new project and/or rallying up numbers in support of this one, so I’m counting on you guys to do the right thing.

I’m rarely ‘serious’ about anything but I urge you to read this hateful proposal, and if you share my outrage; pass it on. Get angry. Do something.

Please check out Scouts For Equality to donate directly to them, or for other ways you can help. And if you can, consider buying a patch and being on the right side of history. Show it off, wear it on your sleeve.

Yours in scouting,


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Wow! What an odd week it’s been. I had my first hand-in of my final year of University, my blog post about Lucy Tobin has had a thousand views (!!!) and some great responses from my Teesside brothers and sisters, and finally I had a spare few minutes to finalise the design of the finished patches I created for Scouts For Equality and they sold out in less than a day!

I’ve written about how useless it can feel to be a designer before; when a crisis calls, the only help we can really offer is decorative. I remember when the tsunami hit Japan and it seemed like everybody was churning out distasteful reminders of the tragedy. I found it odd that someone would pay over the odds for a print, when the best thing should really have been would have been to donate money and time directly.

It’s quite simple really. People like stuff. People don’t like to give away money and have nothing but a warm feeling to show for it, we need something tangible. So I thought about it and I remembered something Frank Chimero said about design’s ability to ‘delight.’ Very few people have the opportunity to delight people with their day job and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so. Instead of commemorating the BSA’s horrendous prejudice, I thought I could create something people would want, something they’d want to show-off, and most importantly an identifier: something we can wear with pride, as a sign of solidarity.

The response was incredible, people really were delighted and the patches sold out in less than a day! They did so well that I rounded up the figure to $50 and another run is already in production.

This batch is ‘Eagle Approved’ and will be a limited run of 50, with a lighter background than the first batch and metallic silver border. I’m really,  really grateful to people for giving me the opportunity to pursue these projects and to ‘delight’ — here’s to raising even more money for Scouts For Equality. If you haven’t already, please go over to their site and sign their petitions, it only takes a few minutes. I’m going to leave with the final justification; the original email I sent to Scouts For Equality.


When reading about the recent BSA atrocities I was moved to action: I self funded the production of some embroidered patches that all of us can wear to show support to the poor young men (and women, and den mothers/fathers) who are being treated unjustly by the BSA.  

I was a Girl Guide and I am now openly gay, and though I was too young at the time to know exactly what I was, it pains me that more headstrong young people who are sure of themselves and their sexuality are being punished and excluded for the way they are. The world needs Scouts more than ever, we need the camaraderie, we need the bond of sister and brotherhood, we need model citizens. We should be banding Scouts together, not tearing them apart.

I am not doing this for recognition, though if you’d like to share a link to the finished badges that would be lovely. Though I’m limited to what I can do as a designer, I continue to raise awareness for this cause on a personal level, and I’m happy to support your organisation and cause. In my own small way, I hope I have helped.

Thank you
Ever prepared,
Naomi Dodds

My scout love patches are back from the factory! E-Patches did a really great job and the sales rep Anna talked me through every step. These are a limited run of 25 and will be available to purchase soon. £1 from the sale of each patch goes to Scouts For Equality — Scouts for Equality are a great none-profit dedicated to repealing the BSA’s outdated policy on homosexual members. It was founded by Zach Wahls, a former eagle scout and you can check out all the good work they do and get involved here.