CPH – Day 2

07/06/2014 — Leave a comment

Picking up where we left off last time we took the Metro to Islands Brygge  and we walked down along the waterfront to Brygge Broen and I gave A an early anniversary present of a Lover’s Lock to put on the bridge.

We doubled back, threw the keys in the river and walked back into town. We got some beers from a hostel and were hungry so we hit up Max Burger – their Green & Garlic sauce is the only real contender for Boro’s garlic sauce crown. Like comparing two lovers, neither is better…just different. It was so good that I smuggled the leftovers back in a sock.

The next day was our anniversary so we exchanged cards and gifts and I went to 7 Eleven and got us coffee and donuts. Got some A+ fresh bread and some cheese and we made some sandwiches when we got back for our day.



We rented some bikes. I had to request a tiny one because I am such a short arse. Cyclists here are bosses and everything is quick and simple, nothing like the total gorms on two wheels in Bristol.  We cycled down the The Black Diamond, bought a postcard, got some tea and sat outside even though it was cold AF.


Then we cycled on to Christianshavn to the Church of Our Saviour, but along the way A’s extremely dangerous cycling almost got me hit by a van. Happy Vanniversary! The church was nice inside, but a rip at £4 each to go up some steps. So we went on to Christiana pretty quick.

The weather was shitty so we didn’t hang around too much. The Green Light district was awesome but you’re not allowed to take pictures so you’ll have to take our word for it. Loads of camo-netted stalls selling spliffs in test tubes and pre-packaged brownies and cordoned off weed gardens. A was too pussy to buy anything so we just had a quick wander around.


We cycled home through a different part of Norrebro, returned the bikes then came home to get ready for our anniversary dinner.  We wandered around Frederiksberg for what felt like hours until we finally settled on a real nice Italian restaurant. My food was essentially a bowl of butter and cheese: so naturally it was excellent. We had some wine then walked around looking for Haribo Worms to no avail, then turned in.

This morning I got up early to work on some projects then we had breakfast and mooched around the apartment. Weather is great today so we’re off to the Botanical Gardens then some exploring; saving ourselves for tonight when we go to Tivoli Gardens then out on a thriller!


Bonus Packaging.






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