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Prison wine!

I made prison wine for – I’m not Jilly Goulden, but it wasn’t bad.


Guys, I’m going to make this one brief. I’m up against deadlines and I have to be at work soon, so here goes:

I’ve been working with Scouts For Equality for around 9 months in their fight to abolish the BSA’s tired and insulting practices. I continue to be disgusted by the bigotry and hatred of the Boy Scouts of America and their supporters in new ways every day. Scouting should be an inclusive activity so when I read this letter from “On My Honor” in the Scouts For Equality (S4E) newsletter I was compelled to do something.

I’ve already been selling these patches and donating proceeds from each patch to S4E, so I’ve now reduced the price of the patches to £6 and I am doubling the donations from each patch to £2 for the month of May, at least! I felt like I needed to help in some small way and time and money are not on my side right now insofar as starting a new project and/or rallying up numbers in support of this one, so I’m counting on you guys to do the right thing.

I’m rarely ‘serious’ about anything but I urge you to read this hateful proposal, and if you share my outrage; pass it on. Get angry. Do something.

Please check out Scouts For Equality to donate directly to them, or for other ways you can help. And if you can, consider buying a patch and being on the right side of history. Show it off, wear it on your sleeve.

Yours in scouting,


[ Photo credit: Adam Hicks]