Friday Quick 5: Fraser Davidson

01/03/2013 — Leave a comment


The first of a new feature!  The Friday Quick Five, in which I ask somebody I admire five quick questions and put them up on a Friday: It’s not exactly a hard concept to grasp.

This week’s subject is sports logo extraordinaire, Fraser Davidson. If you watch any darts you’ll be familiar with his work already —as he designed the logos for the players— but by far my favourite project of his was his massive undertaking of the Sports Nation rebrand. He got plenty of press on other blogs for the job, but now he’s indulging me by A-ing some Qs.

1.  How did you get the job?
SBN had seen my work on dribbble and then my site and got in contact.

2.  How long did it take to make all the logos?
I think it took 6/7 weeks total.

3.  Do you have a favourite?
I have a few. At a glance here would be my favourites. If I had to choose one, it might be Alligator Army.

Sports Nation

4.  300+ — Where did you start?
Regional, then Football, then Baseball, then Basketball, then Hockey and Soccer, then College and the rest.

5.  What was the best and worst part about the project?
I enjoyed all of it really. It can seem a bit daunting at the beginning, but you get into a rhythm.


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