Shortstacks #5

18/01/2013 — Leave a comment


Expired LA is a brilliant photo series from Kelly Moon.

These hand-drawn Indian film-posters wipe the floor with those Polish ones doing the rounds all the time.

Jeopardy is the fine & literary arts journal of Western Washington University. And it is bloody brilliant.

Textmode profiles German Ceefax sex-line ads.

FictiveKin’s project Done Not Done is a great to-do list for all those pop culture things you never got round to.

Micah Lexier’s write-up of Kelly Mark’s work on Booooooom is a must-read.

Pentametron is the greatest AI/Pop Culture mash-up since they taught Watson the entirity of Urban Dictionary.

Beautiful 3D renderings of iPhone gestures. [Trust me on this]

The art of in-game photography.

Beautiful Code Poems project.

Calling all Potterites: the art-direction duo behind the Harry Potter films are selling some prints.


Why Coke Cost A Nickel for 70 Years.

Wow (Part 2) aka why you can now eat hot pizza with reckless abandon.



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