November in Review

17/12/2012 — Leave a comment

It’s been a hectic month, a few weeks ago I participated in Visualising Global Marathon with Louise Kelly & Sam Blackmore. I’m not really used to working in a team but it was great fun, and a few hours in we all had that hysterical cabin fever you only get when you’re all against the clock. In-jokes galore and a lot of hard slog traipsing through pages and pages of raw data. Just thinking about it now makes my eyes hurt. You can view our efforts here, but I’ll get round to a proper process post soon enough.

On the 11th I was lucky enough to see Tegan and Sara live at the O2 Academy. (Photo courtesy of my girlfriend’s iPhone) For anyone who hasn’t seen them live I cannot recommend it enough. Bring your sister, bring your brother, bring your lesbian lover (especially her) it is essentially going to see two shows in one; a live concert and some stand-up in between for good measure. I saw them before at The Cockpit in Leeds (Ironic, as it was a total taco-fest) around the time The Con came out and it was more banter than show and was one of the funniest nights of my life. This time they were a little restrained, partly because some Austrian girls were pelting paper airplanes at them. The atmosphere softened a little after that, and Sara played a great straight-man to Tegan’s incessant mugging.  Wholly recommend catching them live, and I’m excited for Heartthrob.


Skyfall was great; the most ‘British’ Bond yet, in that it was gloomy and austere and had a tube in it.  It drew a lot of parallels with The Dark Knight Rises, Doctor Who, and oddly enough, Home Alone…


If you’ve seen it, then you’ll know.


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