The Hawkeye Initiative

03/12/2012 — Leave a comment

The Hawkeye Initiative is a brilliant collaborative art project that highlights the rampant sexism in comic books. The comics industry as a whole is a bit of a sausagefest, but now that they allow us folk with vaginas to access the internet and vote and stuff, there’s veritable binders full of women who aren’t happy with such flagrant objectification. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see any Black Widow still/scene/promotional shot from The Avengers, and this picture of Catwoman defying all laws of perspective to somehow become just a ball of tits and ass.

Enter The Hawkeye Initiative, a blog that invites any and all users to submit artwork of Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the same pose as one of his female contemporaries. What ensues is a hilarious, utterly absurd showcase of the male form as we’ve never quite seen it before, and it’s already making waves. It has spawned The Hawkeye Test, similar to Alison Bechdel’s great Strong Female Character barometer, The Bechdel Test, The Hawkeye Test is as follows:

 If your female character can be replaced by Hawkeye in the same pose without looking silly or stupid, then it’s acceptable and probably non sexist.



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