Shortstacks — Silver Dollar Edition

05/10/2012 — Leave a comment

Order a short-stack in an IHOP and you’ll get three big ol’ flat yankee pancakes, order the Silver Dollar though and you get an intense stack of bite-sized deliciousness. Please enjoy this extended edition of Shortstacks, chock-full of months of miscellany .

The Love Competition — Competitors are strapped into an fMRI machine and asked to love someone as hard as they can.

Santiago Ortiz is a wizard with data and created what is surely his magnum opus; Lostalgia a detailed anatomy of the series.

A selection of some of the one hundred pictures Trevor Paglan selected to go to space on a gold-encased silicon disc.

Flavorwire explains time travel in the only way that really counts: a supercut of dialogue from time travel movies.

Declared unfit for service due to his towering stature and slight frame, Glenn W. Eve used his skills as a photographer to gain promotion to Private First Class; these are his photos.

Bacteriographs: pictures ‘printed’ in bacteria from microbiologist Zachary Copfer.

There was never a series of official trading cards for The Shining so Rian Callahan decided to make some.  (Check out his sweet The Shining The project too!)

What would happen if you connected up all the foul-lines from the Major League ball parks?

Uppercase magazine invited designers to take on ‘Beautiful Bitmaps’ and the results are just beautiful.

Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley release the first part of their Penguin Drop-Caps project

The fifty greatest films…you’ll only watch once.

Yuri Suzuki and Technology Will Saves Us bring circuity to life with this fun Denki puzzle.

Bubble Wrap Typography

Fascinating look into the making of (and subsequent modding subculture) of Nerf guns.

Typography made of DNA — DNA Sans

Guess Who? / Doctor Who



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