Diane Von Furstenberg for Google Glass

14/09/2012 — Leave a comment

While all the iGeeks are freaking out over a slightly longer iPhone with a slightly better camera, Google are readying themselves to snatch the Mac Mantle as  fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg has teamed up with Google to create what is officially recognised as the first short film shot on Google Glass. The film follows DVF around the NYC Fashion Week catwalk show,  and we get a brief glimpse of life through the looking Glass.

The sheer cyborg absurdity of the whole thing happily takes a backseat to what is ultimately the most important point about the technology: the human element.  Not only do we get to see Google’s good side (and when they’re good, they’re very very good) but we see DVF herself interacting with the technology, sharing things with the audience, and we see people react back. I am a little bit in love with Furstenberg after this, an embodiment of  a real fashion role model; forget the stick thin clothes horses, here’s a woman who refused to be a slave to her husband’s wage, and still tapes her father’s lucky gold coin to the inside of her high-heels, much like he did when he escaped the Nazis with it in his socks. And perhaps most importantly, she’s embracing of new ideas, like say, I don’t know, cyborg glasses.

Google have a knack for being too far ahead of the curve, releasing things when the world at large just isn’t ready for it yet —Feel free to +1 this post by-the-way— but humanising the Glass experience can really only help them.  Near the end of the video someone in the crowd points to the glasses and yells ‘That is awesome!’ … and it really is. DVF says it best herself :

“We live in such an amazing world, things that we thought would be science fiction, exist .”


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