Shortstacks #3

05/09/2012 — Leave a comment

Trying to sandwich (forgive the pun) my bake-off posts with actual design-y stuff, so here goes all the news that’s fit to print but not quite fit enough to warrant its own post:

NYT presents an ‘Ode to the List‘ — featuring famous to-do lists from the likes of Johnny Cash, Picasso, and Michael Jackson

If you happen to have a spare £650 lying around, these Robert Crumb Sketchbooks would make the perfect gift for the discerning comics fan in your life.

HandPaintedType are on a mission to archive the dying art of the traditional indian sign-painter.

The International Guild of Knot Tyers Forum profiles the knots in use on Mars right now.

Remember that guy who did the ‘Photo every day for six years’ thing? Well he carried on doing it for another six and a half years.

Check out Niege Borge’s tribute to Bill Murray – A paper craft dress-up set of seminal wardrobe pieces from his filmography

The man, the mythbuster, the legend; what’s in Adam Savage’s tool box?

What it takes to make an Apple Genius  (SPOILER: Mostly a lot of buzzwords)

Vintage magazine ads for famous authors.




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