International Teletext Art Festival

14/08/2012 — 2 Comments

Ceefax, that garish blocky precursor to the internet, has finally been immortalised in an art festival. After retiring from our airwaves this year in the digital switchover, we mourned for yet another bit of our youth that had crumbled off into obscurity. I loved reading Turner The Worm, playing Bamboozle and reading the Boy’s Own problem pages for yuks – I spunked in the swimming pool, could I have got a girl pregnant?— and though I hadn’t read it in years I was still sad to see it go.

Above is my favourite effort for the ITAF from Dan Farrimond, a teletext artist and all round pixel lover who contributed several pieces to the show. You can expect some great pattern and colour work from the rest of the festival too.

SIDEBAR: while we’re celebrating all things Teletext, now would be a good time to mention Aaron Merrigan’s brilliant tapestry, eulogising Ceefax, for his final project at Kingston University.


2 responses to International Teletext Art Festival


    Boys’ own was fun. I still don’t know if you can get pregnant from sitting on filthy public toilet seats though. Glad you liked my stuff, I had a whale of a time making it. 🙂


      Hey Dan! It’s great that you found the post, I’m such a sucker for teletext art, and though I’m no doctor, I’m pretty sure you can get pregnant from sitting on a public toilet seat.

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