Kate Moross talk for It’s Nice That

13/08/2012 — Leave a comment

Although rightly hailed as the wunderkind of modern design and illustration, it makes me laugh to think of the feathers ruffled by Kate Moross in this talk for It’s Nice That and GF Smith. Through her own admission the talk was a bit ‘awks’ as everyone else gave a formal presentation of their work, and Moross took the lecturn to gush about sweet wrappers and declare Woolworths as her Tate Modern.

Despite her “posh” drawl, the talk is a refreshing little slap in the face to some of the starched shirt seriousness that’s always abundant at these kind of talks, and her unbridled enthusiasm for such things is really catching. Most auteur designers are collectors of something or another –Draplin and his memo books come to mind— and it makes sense that Moross is a packrat for the oft’ gaudy art-work of sweet wrappers.

In the talk she ponders why more ‘greats’ didn’t design packaging, and I took to social media in a classic Ross Geller move to immediately correct her. Seymour Chwast, one of the founding fathers of Push Pin designed this piece for Bazooka/Topps, which didn’t take off but was referenced in later designs for Bazooka. He was also responsible for this brilliant Perrier packaging, and a series of great beer can designs.

I’m already getting pretty verbose here but it seemed almost sacrilegious to have a post on great packaging design and not include a little plug to the godfather of packaging collecting, Jason Liebig. Most of the stills in Moross’s talk were yanked from Liebig’s prolific archive and his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things throw-away is seriously enviable. I interviewed him for my Breakfast of Champions project and he was a brilliant sport, which reminds me I’m sat on a huge pile of goodies to send stateside for him. Be sure to check out his site Collecting Candy, where I found out that Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat is one of the biggest collectors of bubble gum in the whole world.


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