Team Behind The Team

10/07/2012 — Leave a comment

It’s hard for me to see the Olympics as anything other than an unstoppable corporate juggernaut that is fast invading my homeland, so forgive me for not being excited about it, but these Y+R shorts about Team USA may have melted my icy heart a tiny bit.

Americans, stereotypically known for being exhaustingly patriotic, here show a heart-felt human side to the games that ‘Team GB’ seem to have missed. It’s hard to see the human element of something that is just essentially one long advert, and over here we seem to have adopted a one-size-fits-all patriotism of shoe-horning a Union Jack and five rings onto every conceivable surface. Jubilee? Wimbledon? Olympics? Put a flag on it.

Maybe we’re so swept up in being the host nation, and all the crap that comes with it to actually focus on our P&G Spokespeople, athletes. Instead they are gazing head-long into a camera and endorsing the official tampons of the Olympic games or something. I can barely name any of our olympians, other than Shanaze Reade, who I’m fond of, despite the fact she can’t stay on a bike —something you’d think of as a necessary skill for a BMX competitor— and Tom Daley, the hairless cougar-bait parading on the cover of every Bliss Magazine.

So for once us Brits can take a back seat to the US as they get a gold for subtlety and perfectly executing these heart-rending little vignettes into the lives of their olympians.


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