VGDJ — #1

01/07/2012 — 2 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been busy with some other projects, but here I am, alone on a saturday night and I’ve spent the majority of it so far listening to old videogame music. I was overdue a post, so I thought I’d compile some of my favourite video game music and share it one track at a time.

Bust-A-Groove — Kitty N Theme

This is from a fairly obscure PS1 game called Bust-A-Groove (not-to-be-confused with Bust-A-Move,  the Puzzle Bobble game where you fire balls at more balls) which is one of those games that could only ever have been spawned out of Japan. This was pre-DDR, so you just mashed buttons rhythmically in time to the killer soundtrack, and you played all the way through as one character in order to defeat the giant Vogueing robot, Robo Z, at the end.

Kitty-N, who I always assumed to be a drag queen in a cat costume is actually a star ‘on break from the hit TV show “Love Love Senshi Miracle 4.”‘ according to the official game booklet. Her signature track is this euro-trance banger that still gets stuck in my head to this day. This is where the UK are going wrong at Eurovision, we need less ageing crooners and more grown men dressed as women, dressed as cats, sniffing bath-salts on a specially constructed stage.

Bust-A-Groove produced quite an array of bizarre characters such as Gas-O, the dancing NASA consultant who always wears a gas-mask, and Kelly, a secretary who escapes her dreary desk-job life by indulging in a full-on baby fetish.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that her stage included a giant bottle that ejaculated milk when you busted a groove, watch the above cut-scene in which she is so consumed by her baby fetish that it jeopardises her work-life, and look into her cold dead eyes as she shh’s you, it’s our little secret.

Kitty-N’s track is the stand-out but all the songs had a charm to them and ranged from N*Syncesque pop, to industrial techno by way of cod reggae.


2 responses to VGDJ — #1


    I’m appalled that Kirby’s Dreamland isn’t on here. Sickened, even.


    But holy shit, Bust-A-Groove was THE ONE!

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