Boys Club

15/06/2012 — Leave a comment


Boys Clubs exist in every aspect of society and culture, and to be selfish, they exist in every aspect of society and culture that is of value to me. Somebody asked me recently what a feminist was, and I just asked in response ‘Do you want to be treated differently just because you’re a woman? No? Then you’re a feminist.” — This may seem like a bit of a binary way of looking at things, and being a feminist means different things to everyone, but to me a feminist is anyone (male or female) who doesn’t want women to have to fight prejudice simply because they were born with one of those pesky womb things. We’re feeling the passive wrath of the Boys Club everywhere, even the most influential woman in the UK needed to truncate her name to just her initials in order to be published, (check out this list of Female authors who have written under gender neutral/male pseudonyms for some scope on the matter,) female fronted bands are ‘girl music’ but bands with a man at the helm are to be enjoyed by all, womens football gets pulled off air during extra time/penalties, and the entire sum of funding for professional women’s football in the UK, is £2m less than John Terry’s yearly salary 😦

I’ll be showing some classic ‘Boys Clubs’ that I’m interested in, how they’re changing and how they’re not, and the good and the bad parts of these institutions/industries.


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