This Recording on Buffy (No, not that one)

12/06/2012 — Leave a comment

I found This Recording some time ago completely by accident on HypeMachine, it’s a strange and verbose blog that is both legitimate new lit in the vein of McSweeney’s, and a strange pop-culture black-hole that ends all its post with a collection of MP3s that are always somewhat loosely related to the post.

I’m calling attention to it now, due to their brilliant write-up on the much maligned original Buffy The Vampire Slayer film. Joss Whedon has always done a great job of representing women –despite Black Widow’s arse being a main focal point of The Avengers–  and it seems odd to me how much he’s distanced himself from the original movie.  The original always had a kind of Hughsian quality to it, that obviously made me love it. My brother got me into this because he had a teen crush on Kristy Swanson, anyway, go read what This Recording have to say about it, they’re much more eloquent than me.


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