Football Shirt Patterns

12/06/2012 — Leave a comment

Elaborately patterned kits seem to have gone the way of the FA Cup song in football these days, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence the beautiful game took a turn for the worse when both of these things were done away with. I’m going to be upping my favourite football shirt patterns over the next couple of weeks, starting with the above Palace/Umbro shirt. It’s based on England’s ‘away’ kit from Italia ’90, but the pattern differs a little bit.

This entire series owes itself to Palace, a London based skate ‘crew’ who have won over the hearts of the bitter snapback scene through faultless style. Everything about Palace reflects modern skaters and without a box logo in sight, they’ve never stooped to the level of aping Supreme like so many others have.  I think a lot of people must have been a bit baffled when they announced the collaboration; football and skating seem to be such polar opposites that there were doubts if it could even be pulled off, but Umbro have reinvented themselves in recent years with their ‘Tailored by’ range, ensuring that the England team remain unbeaten –at least sartorially– and they drafted in Peter Saville to have his hand in an England shirt, and some other young talent to show it off.

With any other two brands like this, the entire project would have died on its arse and only the tumbleweed would be blogging about it, but as it stands the whole collection is sold out, and hopefully we’re ushering in a new era of garishly patterned football shirts. I’ll leave you with this brilliant Palace skate vid before I start talking about Man U away shirts next time; it was shot entirely on vhs, no SLRs or After Effects in sight.


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