THE FUTURE!!!!1?!1

07/06/2012 — Leave a comment

It’s 2012, by rights in three years time we should be racing around in flying cars, eating rehydrated Pizza Hut and living in a windowless dystopian suburbia but The Two Bobs (Zemeckis & Gale) weren’t far off though, Mattel are manufacturing a replica hoverboard with no hover function (otherwise known as a ‘board’)  set to drop later this year, and Nike & Marty McFly himself, Michael J. Fox,  made waves with the sneakerheads dropping a limited run of possibly the most famous shoe of all time, the Air Mag.

Though it may not self lace (even if Nike do hold the patent for it) and only the five richest kings could afford them, it reminded us that all the good stuff we were promised as kids is on the cusp of deliverance. Here’s some new inventions that have got me excited about the future, should the Mayans be wrong.

A clear paint that turns any surface into a dry-wipe board. I would be lost without my white board – I forget to do just about everything except breathe unless prompted, so the idea of being able to remind myself of stuff on every surface practically has me salivating, even if my room would look a bit ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

A self stirring saucepan!

Genetically engineer a stingray to whatever pattern you want, then have ugly shoes made out of stingray leather, at one stingray per shoe, it’s hardly the most ethical choice, but man, that’s cool.

Some wonderful nanotech that puts a tactile relationship back on our gadgetry, by having a microfluid layer that can bubble up to produce a button of any shape or size: a 3D keypad or qwerty keyboard rising out of a touchscreen or tablet, only to disappear again on demand. This post took so long to write that I’m fairly sure most of these technologies are now obsolete.


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