Shortstacks #1

05/06/2012 — Leave a comment

Shortstacks are my picks of the week: short, sweet, misfits that don’t belong anywhere else.

The slickest girl on two wheels, Juliet Elliott, writes about the lack of opportunities for women in action sports over on her blog for Red Bull.

In a bold and admirable move, DC have finally revealed which of their main superheroes will be outed: The Green Lantern will be joining the likes of Batwoman in representing the LGBT community on their fair pages. Apparently there’ll be no ‘coming out’ as such, and he will be gay from the starting pistol of the reboot.

Kid Acne releases his second lot of photos for Lomo.

Prison Map — Aerial photos of US Prisons

Blek Le Rat: Stencil Pioneer — Full documentary online.

Sailboat Logo Archive – via Draplin

Paper Passion: a perfume that smells like freshly printed books by Steidl, Wallpaper*, Schoen, and Karl Lagerfeld. Probably the scent of my Amortentia, fellow nerds.

Friends of Type maestro, Erik Marinovich, finally gets a website.

Maison Martin Margiela’s new site is an interesting bit of commentary on how necessary a conventional website really is vs. a ‘web presence.’

Countdown to Z-Day: a timeline of the unusual zombie-like events that have been taking place in Florida .


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